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Started on 1984 our nursery school functions with the aim of enhancing the intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development of the tiny tots left in our care. Through a method of play and learn we try to arouse a sense of curiosity in the child and instill a desire to explore the world around him. It is ensured that each child finds learning a joyful experience by the recreational methods of learning that we adopt. Since the kindergarten years mark the formative stage in a child’s psychological and emotional make up, we at Dayapuram are keen in inculcating a sense of self-worth and mutual respect in our little ones and see to it that we bring out the best in each child’s personality. The school is dedicated to every child's right to be recognized, valued and respected whatever be his/her social, financial and religious background

Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Al Ansari

"Dayapuram should grow to become an asylum to all those who suffer without,education or medicine irrespective of their religion or region"

Dayapuram is not just a group of buildings or a campus. It attempts to spread a message of a grand egalitarian and inclusive vision around, while embodying it in everything we do on campus...

From the patron's desk C.T. ABDURAHIM

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