This is a project to sponsor the education of poor children by bearing the expenses and arranging the facilities which enable them to reach premier centers of education in the country. The scheme is a proactive step for giving equal opportunity through equipping. On the occasion of 25th anniversary, Dayapuram made a commitment in the scheme “25 years, 250 futures” in which 250 students would be educated by Dayapuram every year. The excess of income over expense is used to educate the students. Roughly ten percentage of the total seats are given to orphan, destitute or poor students.
Dayapuram Educational and Cultural Centre founded and living for social equality, cultural justice and communal harmony believes that lack of financial resources shouldn’t stop people from completing their education hence we are trying to do whatever little we can to help such candidates. Dayapuram national scholarships provide annual one time scholarships for the socially and financially backward undergraduate and post graduate students in their final year.

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