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  • Awareness Of Traffic Rules

    As road accidents are increasing day by day, resulting in the deaths
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  • World Environment Day

    First compartment of Dayapuram residential school celebrated World Environment
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  • Reading Day

    Reading day celebrated in Compartment-1 on June-19 by book exhibition and poster
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  • World Music Day

    ReFirst compartment of Dayapuram Residential school celebrated world Music Day
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Orphanage Scheme
About Us
Ansari Orphanage (1984)
Named after Sheikh Ansari, this organization stands out as the first orphanage that treats orphans and destitutes at par with the children of the wealthy in quality of education, clothes, food and lodging. Other than in official records, orphanhood/economic backwardness is completely invisible to maintain the sense of equality. The academic results of the students at the orphanage and its list of alumni comprising doctors, engineers and management graduates are indicative of the success
of this model. A large majority of the funds come from the balance amount from running the educational organizations on campus and the rest through generous donations from fortunate individuals.
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