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  • Awareness Of Traffic Rules

    As road accidents are increasing day by day, resulting in the deaths
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  • World Environment Day

    First compartment of Dayapuram residential school celebrated World Environment
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  • Reading Day

    Reading day celebrated in Compartment-1 on June-19 by book exhibition and poster
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  • World Music Day

    ReFirst compartment of Dayapuram Residential school celebrated world Music Day
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Edoption Scheme
About Us
Educational Adoption Scheme (2007)
Ansari Orphanage (1984)
This is a project to sponsor the education of poor children by bearing the expenses and arranging the facilities which enable them to reach premier centers of education in the country. The withdrawal of governments from providing sustainable, quality education goes against the fundamental of education: that of being a means of social mobility. This scheme is a proactive step for giving equal opportunity through equipping. We are working towards making the total number of students in orphanage and adoption
scheme to be 250 (25 years 250 futures).
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